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Best Stethoscope

  1. 0 Im starting a new job that requires a stethoscope and I got accepted into Pima Community College. Which stethoscope does PCC require? I want to buy one for both my job and PCC rather than buying two. Thank you
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    As far as I know schools don't require a particular type of stethoscope just as long as it works. Some schools may provide the equipment you need through school. I'd call them and ask them if they have a list of equipment you will need and if they provide any of it.
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    Littman is a good brand. They are around $100 for the nursing version, but they are good quality. Most of my classmates have a Littman. You can get them from the UA Medical Bookstore or Jeri's Uniforms on Speedway (? I think?). Congrats on starting school!
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    Check out ebay!