Arizona Hospitals

  1. 0 It looks like tough time locally. Wondering how our AZ hospitals are doing. Is the census up? Are there many call-offs, lay-offs etc?

    A few non-profit hospitals in Tucson aren't doing well since the state cutback medicaid.
    On Tucson's west side St Mary's had a $47 million loss in 2012.

    On Tucson's east side St Joseph's had a $40.9 million loss for 2012.

    The UofA's Kino had a $1.9 million loss for 2012 which is better than the previous year's $8.9 million loss.
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    i'm at a non-profit hospital up in the Phoenix area. We've been code purple for a few months straight now... however that hasn't helped our staffing situation. We are extremely short staffed and are not hiring many new nurses at all. Needless to say, we're all grumpy and stressed!

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