Anyone know GCU Scottsdale evening program schedule? Anyone know GCU Scottsdale evening program schedule? | allnurses

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Anyone know GCU Scottsdale evening program schedule?

  1. 0 I'm having a hard time getting information on the Grand Canyon University Scottsdale evening weekend program. Does anyone know what the days/hours are?
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    I tried to apply for that program starting in Fall 2012 but my enrollment counselor told me it was cancelled. The last cohort was Spring 2012. I was so bummed. I asked if he thought it would start up again anytime soon and he said he wasn't sure and that he didn't think it would happen.
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    REALLY!!?? My counselor hasn't said anything and he knows that's the program I'm interested in! I'm freaking out now!
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    I know. My counselor kind of did a similar thing. I was never informed that it was canceled until I was asking for the last details before I applied. All of my plans centered around the fact that I would be able to do an evening program. The Mayo evening program at ASU doesn't start for at least another year and the waitlist for Gateway is forever long. I'm hoping I can keep my job even while attending the AT still campus. We'll see what happens I guess! Let me know if you hear anything more! Good luck.
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    Well, thank you so much for letting me know, I was getting ready to drive to tucson to take my teas test! I've been on the MCCCD wait list for 2 years now so hopefully I'll be getting in for spring. I'm really glad I found out now and not after I had taken the 2 classes I start next week! Guess I'll be dropping those! Good luck to you and thanks again!