Anyone had to defer after being accepted?

  1. 0 I just want to know how the deferment process goes. Do I go back to the top of the list for the next semester? My current job (military) wouldn't allow me the Friday's off to start in the spring 2010 so I have to defer until the Fall since I'll be out by then. Let me know!
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    I'm in the same situation; can't start in January but could by Summer. My understanding is that yes, you stay at top of list. I was placed in my 2nd choice (I only gave 2 choices) so technically the next round I could get my first choice if I understand correctly? What I haven't been able to find out for certain is WHEN the next round of placement would be for Rio Salado and Glendale Weekend Day, my two choices. I thought they both had a summer session. My advisor couldn't tell me and the advisor at those schools hasn't returned calls. Anyone have any more info? I'm nervous to defer after waiting so long if there's not 100% chance I'll be in the next round.

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