Any info on NAU (Tucson)

  1. 0 Sent the advisement office an email and received a canned admittance response. Anyone on here have any information that can give a potential transfer a feel for whats going on down there?

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    I just applied to NAU Tucson and am killing time on AN for another three weeks while I wait to see if I get in or not. Sounds like some things may be changing but I'll answer what I know . . . If you corresponded with Flag I'd suggest getting in touch with the Tucson campus - much more helpful in my experience. I did find though that they prefer you attend an info session before you'll get too much one on one attention. If you haven't checked it out already you should look at the NAU nursing homepage. If you look under undergrad programs> then Tucson traditional BSN you'll find lots of info.

    So rather than rattle on let me know what you're questions are and I'll try to help. Obviously my experience is limited to the application process but there are a couple in the program now that come around from time to time.
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    PM sent. TY for the reply.

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