Air Force relocation possible need help

  1. My fiance is looking at a possible relocation to AZ. I am an LPN currently doing pediatric homecare for trach and vent patients. Is there a high demand for what I currently do? Or should I think about making a change when I get there. I am confused and just looking at my options before it actually happens.
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  3. by   boomerfriend
    My first thoughts go to Hacienda and Los Ninos. There are openings at both locations: here's their link:

    Good luck!
  4. by   tlc365
    I do the same thing and work at Dependable Nurses of Phoenix they will hire you on the spot. They are a great agency!! I also work with vents and we always need help! Los N and Hacienda are not always hiring and do not pay as well as DN-I started at 21/hr
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