Agencies in Phoenix/Scottsdale

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    I am a travel nurse coming to the phoenix area. I am wonderin if anyone can give me names and info on temp agencies. I am looking for just a few extra days a month. Thanks

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    I haven't seen agency nurses in quite awhile due to the economy. Three agencies I used to see a lot of were MGA, Critical Nursing Solutions, and Tanner. The nurses from these companies were happy with the agencies. I work in ICU - so they were all ICU nurses.
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    Many agencies now are home health companies and do not staff hospitals due to the dark times. Hospitals are not using many agency nurses.
    MGA is an awful agency.
    Of course you can always find work. You just do not have the options like before.
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    A lot of hospitals are using agency right now. My cousin works for Maxim Healthcare in ICU and she works a lot at Scottsdale Healthcare and Paradise Valley.

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