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Advanced Placemen Apps... who's with me?

  1. 0 So its about that time to submit my Advanced Placement Application to the MCCDNP. Just awaiting Micro to finish and of course sign off on my application.

    So anyone else out there?

    My choices are CGCC, MCC and GWCC at this point. U?
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    I am considering this option for the future (currently in a CNA program). I know I will probably be waiting a few semesters for GWCC's LPN program, would be interested to hear how others are faring with advanced placement. Best of luck to you!
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    Ok, so fingerprint card came in ( took exactly 5 weeks), so I am submitting my application on Monday. Then I will be sending an email to every RN program director pleading for a spot for whichever semester has the next Block 3 starting with available spots!

    I really want CGCC, because it's close or Gateway, or MCC. I would take as far as SCC. But I think those are the only options based on locations for me.

    Anyone else yet?
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    Got in for Advanced Placement for summer! Perseverance pays off.
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