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    Hi, I will be graduating this semester with my BSN and I was wondering if I am able to take an ACLS class to get certified. Do you think this will help me get a job as a new grad? Also does anyone know of the potential costs? I saw one for about $100 plus $50 book deposit. Thanks

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    Where are you located? There are lots around, and it will help you resume. Just another thing to make you stand out.
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    These guys have tons of classes, and they are super affordable. They are located in Mesa.
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    Quote from lunchboxPM

    These guys have tons of classes, and they are super affordable. They are located in Mesa.
    Hi, I clicked the link, it seems they are all refresher only classes. I go back and forth from Mesa to Phoenix. As long as it's in the Phx metro area I don't mind driving. Thanks for your help
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    They said they can put on an ACLS class if you can get a few more people to come. They dont have any initial certification courses scheduled, but if a few other of the students in your BSN program want to take it, they will put one on for you guys. Just give them a call.
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    I would like to take an ACL class as well. Please keep me inform. Thanks
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    I know at least one other person a BSN new grad nurse that would like to take and ACLS class too. Do you know how much the cost is? Thanks
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    My advice would be to get all the people you can find who want to, then call them and say we got this many nurses who want initial ACLS cert. The classes they have are very reasonable as it is, so I would imagine if you came to then with students, they will be more than fair. Good luck and let us know what you find out.
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    Thank you so much Lunchbox
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    I'm an old new grad, and I just took my initial ACLS through and they were AWESOME!!! You don't need the book, just attend the 2 day class. They have handouts for you, and even teach you the basics of reading rhythms (which really scared me going into it). The 2 day class is $198, and the instuctors are really great, you WILL learn alot!! They have classes all over the valley. I took mine at my hospital in Tempe.

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