ABSN program at Brookline in Phoenix

  1. Hi everyone, I'm applying for the ABSN program at Brookline in Phoenix, AZ and I just want to know more about the program. I know there was couple topics ask about this but I just want to know more about the updates and changes. About the program accreditation, I heard they will know if the school will be accredited or not this March. What are the odd that they will not be accredited? How is the schedule and classes are like? When student will start their clinical rotation? And how far away from the campus where the lecture take place? Would it be convenience to take the bus or one would need a car? Also, is it true that there is no housing for students on campus, so what apartments that are safe, good price and close to school that you would recommend ?
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  3. by   Medic2RN
    Moved to the Arizona State Nursing Programs forum.
  4. by   cobe_ngaytho199
    Really hopes to hear from everyone so I can feel more prepare before school start.
  5. by   Yummy85
    I got in for the Sept 2nd start date. From what the admission rep told me it is accredited. Yet, I don't see it on the
    NLNAC website (it's still under candidate)