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  1. I would appreciate some opinions (Watts application)
  2. How do I get my CNA I after 1/2 of PN school?
  3. Anyone familiar with CareOne Health Training in Raleigh for CNA I Training?
  4. nursing home/assisted living facility that offer free cna training i durham area?
  5. How long does it take to issue RN license?
  6. Any CCHS students/grads out there?
  7. FNP Program at Duke
  8. North Carolina Goes Smoke Free
  9. Which Hospitals Reimburse/Pay for Education?
  10. New grad RN Fayetteville employment- non-exsistent?
  11. Challenging the CNA test
  12. Wake Forest/Raleigh maternal child homecare?
  13. Relocating to NC looking for info
  14. Job in Charlotte
  15. Help getting job in Charlotte
  16. Charlotte Hospitals
  17. Moses Cone 'Relief'
  18. Tuition Reimbursement, are hospitals still participating?
  19. CCHS applicant - get in on first try
  20. Making an Occupied Bed?
  21. A few questions about the Skills portion of the CNA test??
  22. Challenging the CNA test
  23. Rex 5 west medicine
  24. Undecided on Shadowing after job interview
  25. Anyone working for Moses Cones?
  26. Pay Rates in NC
  27. Cape Fear Valley Hospital residency program
  28. Do I have any shot?
  29. CNA 2 Training or LPN in Triangle area not CC?
  30. Duke ABSN deadline
  31. CNA Question
  32. LPN wanting to relocate to Charlotte, NC
  33. Help!! UNC Charlotte Vs. Mercy SON
  34. RN or straight to BSN?
  35. Nurse Aide I Competency Evaluation = CNA?
  36. Finding Job
  37. Not sure what to expect...Plz help!!!!
  38. Attn. ADN Concept Curriculum Instructors/Students
  39. Mercy School of Nursing
  40. A&P2 hybrid online course - ever take one?
  41. Any Unit/Hiring Managers in Charlotte?
  42. Mercy School of Nursing Charlotte - anyone else waiting to hear?
  43. What's considered a competitive college GPA for entrance intoMercy School of Nursing?
  44. Nursing school in Charlotte and surrounding areas.
  45. UNC Chapel Hill (Spring 2010) January 2010 - Anyone Receive Word?
  46. Raleigh...ECPI...RN Program????
  47. Watts Acceptance! :)
  48. Another question about Watts
  49. Ecpi...raleigh,nc...graduates???
  50. UNC School of Nursing vs. Watts School of Nursing
  51. LPN to BSN around Charlotte, NC?
  52. LPN without Experience. Please help I need a job
  53. GTCC clinical question
  54. PSB Help
  55. Cabarrus College of Health Science
  56. Interviewing at Duke University
  57. CNA challenge question
  58. NC Baptist Funding for WSSU Accelerated BSN
  59. Durham Tech questions
  60. Cape Fear Valley hospital in Fayetteville-HELP please
  61. drinks at nurses station - NICU/NCCC UNC
  62. RN jobs at CMC Pineville
  63. Advice regarding inteview with Presbyterian?!
  64. Personal statement
  65. Please advise me nurses!
  66. WIA at CCHS?
  67. ABSN Duke Fall 2010
  68. UNC Chapel Hill deadline changed for May 2010
  69. CPCC ORIENTATION monday 10/5 HELP!
  70. need some info!!
  71. UNCC School of Nursing/ graduates
  72. Proper Monitoring for IV Push Lopressor
  73. CFCC?
  74. CNA north carolina???
  75. VA Hospital in Asheville
  76. Question re: benefits of working at a community college
  77. Nursing programs near Jacksonville, NC?
  78. RN Competency Requirements-why so many obstacles?
  79. NC Relocation
  80. UNC-Charlotte School of Nursing admissions
  81. NCNA Annual Convention -- Anyone going?
  82. Remembering Hurricane Floyd... 10 years ago!
  83. where are the rn jobs?
  84. Wakemed interview preparation
  85. Calling all CPCC Nursing Program Spring 2010 applicants!
  86. Anyone in any student nurse organizations??
  87. private duty nursing
  88. Charlotte - CMC vs Presby?
  89. do they require CGFNS in NC?
  90. ethical issues or just a case of being new cna (and a nursing student)???
  91. NC CNA Books
  92. Mercy
  93. Nurse / Patient ratio in the Triangle? Availability of overtime hours?
  94. NCLEX Support group
  95. Making yourself marketable for higher pay
  96. Info Needed re UNC ABSN Program
  97. HELP Please! Lost Home - Need FT job
  98. Rehab/Spinal Injury RN Fayetteville?
  99. Cabarrus College of Health Sciences
  100. UNC Cardiothoracic ICU
  101. waiting list for mercy school of nursing
  102. Hybid EMT-b training
  103. Psych in NC
  104. ECPI costs
  105. Raleigh/Durham Nurses
  106. DCCC or GTCC - Any suggestions on CNA training?
  107. Anyone who is need of a senior care provider?I am an RN but has a pending endorsement
  108. Best hospital for LD in Raleigh and what is the job market like?
  109. How Health Insurance Reform Will Benefit North Carolina
  110. Carolinas College of Health Sciences Spring 2010
  111. CNA 2 State Exam???
  112. New graduate LPNs: any luck finding jobs.
  113. Tuition assistance: work half-time but get paid for full time.
  114. New Grad Jobs in Charlotte
  115. Vance-Granville Community College
  116. Any (BSN) Nursing Schools in Raleigh
  117. can cna work at urgent care... ?
  118. I want to get certified as a cna
  119. do you think i'll be able to?
  120. Charlotte
  121. Any ECPI grads or current students here?
  122. CNA 2 with Phlebotomy tech or Pharmacy tech?
  123. Can anyone help me find a job? :[
  124. Points at GTCC
  125. Do You Work for High Point Regional?
  126. ECU's RN-BSN program
  127. NC Programs
  128. Moving to N.Carolina as a new grad from CA
  129. pay ranges for CNA at Duke hospitals
  130. Queens students!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  131. Please do you know any LTC facility Raleigh/Cary hiring LPN?
  132. Need LPN Nurse Preceptor Henderson County
  133. Medication Aide help!!!
  134. CNA student, please give advice for hospital employment
  135. Does anyone work for these agencies in NC?
  136. CCCC grads?
  137. Any hope? raleigh-durham area
  138. Durham Reg. Hospital questions
  139. Questions about JCC Program
  140. Winston-Salem State's LPN to BSN program?
  141. Need to know good area to work in
  142. Health Unit Coordinator question???
  143. Open House at TMC - Novant - Did anyone go?
  144. New grad salary?
  145. Need nursing info for NC (hours and OT) Fayetteville outskirts
  146. Upcoming college student near Asheville.
  147. A&P classes online?
  148. Levine Childrens hosptial..any info would be nice!
  149. Anyone know of any CNA I jobs in Charlotte area not requiring prior experience?
  150. agencies???
  151. LPN looking for work at PCMH
  152. Highly motivated pre-nursing now getting discouraged
  153. Durham Tech Pre-Nursing Seminar Today!
  154. NCCU's program
  155. Trying to choose an Allied Health Career
  156. My Introduction
  157. Duke ABSN loans? Should I even apply?
  158. How much do u make in Guilford County per year, if u r a RN?
  159. Call the General Assembly about the proposed budget cuts
  160. Which Hospitals are Still Hiring New Grads in NC?
  161. Pediatrics in North Carolina
  162. Anyone working in Cape Fear Valley in Fayetteville? Any info?
  163. Single mother and ABSN- can I do it?
  164. Can't Get Hospital Volunteer Opportunies in Raleigh area
  165. DukeRaleigh CNA wages?
  166. cccc admissions letter
  167. Advise me, Please...
  168. ECU and financial aid
  169. Pinehurst area
  170. Waitlisted
  171. Lower Cost of Living?....yeah right
  172. Advice on Applying for ABSN - May 2010, - where can I do my prerequisites quickly!!!
  173. just a comment
  174. job outlook for rns in ltc
  175. RN to BSN quick and easy?
  176. ECU ANP
  177. Two more weeks....
  178. Possibly relocating to Asheville/Hendersonville
  179. RN Programs in NC
  180. cna ll looking for work
  181. Charlotte area CNA positions??
  182. Novant Jobs
  183. Generic Track @ ECU
  184. Acceptance letters
  185. Duke Hospital
  186. GTCC Fall 2009
  187. No longer motivated
  188. My First Healthcare Interview!
  189. UNC and cape Fear
  190. UNC Chapelhill's RN-BSN Online Program
  191. NCNA - Urgent Request for All NC Nurses
  192. Cabarrus College of Health Sciences
  193. Thinking of moving to NC after graduation
  194. LTC facilities Greensboro
  195. Work in Wakemed ED??? raleigh, NC
  196. Finally my time has come...i have a job!!!!!!
  197. Pediatric units/wards in western NC?
  198. Cape Fear Valley Fayetteville
  199. UNC-Charlotte MSN
  200. Watts Nursing; NOW WHAT!
  201. Wilson medical Center
  202. Teaching Hospital vs. Non-teaching
  203. Nursing School Questions: CCHS vs Queens
  204. Central Carolina CC
  205. Who is still waiting on admissions notifications?
  206. Wake Med and Cape Fear- Relocation Assitance? Sign on Bonus?....
  207. ECU MSN AE 2010
  208. cmc union hospital in monroe, nc
  209. I have a question.....
  210. Newly Grad seeking RN jobs in Raleigh
  211. Queens ASN Applicants
  212. Student loan reinbursement
  213. Got placed on the Alternate list at CPCC
  214. Curious about Sampson County Regional Med Center
  215. Scholarships/loans available for students
  216. Moving to wonderful NC, triangle area, any advice on favorite hospitals?
  217. Excelsior College Grads in NC
  218. Charlotte LPNs
  219. New grad/greenville vs. raleigh
  220. Care Plan Specialist
  221. UNC Nursing school admission
  222. Question about New Grad Interships in NC
  223. Graduation Invitations
  224. Looking for CNA classes around the Greenville, NC area
  225. LPN to RN transitions students FTCC
  226. Anyone still waiting on a letter?
  227. Tuition Assistance for Accelerated MSN Programs?
  228. Networking
  229. Presbyterian School of Nursing, Queens University
  230. Best CNA programs near Charlotte
  231. New Grad having hard time getting job. Greensboro
  232. I need help please.
  233. A few questions for current North Carolina Nurses and Graduating Students
  234. 2010 Fall Duke Applicants
  235. Mitchell CC or CVCC
  236. Want to move what is Watt's like?
  237. Anybody work for Carolinas Medical Center?
  238. i am kinda in a ackward situation..
  239. NC LPNs
  240. Duke Raleigh Hosptial
  241. Alamance Community College Fall 2009
  242. Cabarrus College of Health Sciences
  243. Davidson Community College
  244. Mission Hospital
  245. Pay for "making arrangements"
  246. med aide question please? for rn's?...
  247. Feedback on the BSN program at Queens University
  248. Mercy School of Nursing Wait List
  249. Mercy School of Nursing Charlotte Waiting List
  250. Acceptance & Denial Letters