Working Interview

  1. I'm a newly graduated LVN and I passed my boards woo hoo!
    I have a working interview with a urgent care/pediatric clinic.
    They said I would be working with the doctor and doing procedures
    with him. What kind of procedures should I expect? As a new nurse
    I don't feel like I know anything. I'm extremely nervous and I think
    I'm going to crack open my old books again. I kind of want to know
    what to expect so I don't make a fool out of myself.
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  3. by   HippyDippyLPN
    Well I am in a family practice clinic but some of the in office procedures we do are rapid strep/flu, urine dips, blood draws, hearing/eye tests, shots of course. I would imagine that they would just have you shadowing and maybe rooming patients as they would not want the liability of a nurse who is not even an employee yet.
  4. by   Shuggypie
    A working interview? I would be very leery of working, are they paying you, or are you volunteering? What if you get hurt on the job, would you be able to get workers comp? Make sure you have malpractice insurance!