What if I want to work for a Plastic Surgeon?

  1. Hello everybody. I will finally graduate with my Associates Degree in May. I will be working at a hopsital in the Florida Panhandle. However, I really want to work for a plastic surgeon one day. Do any of you know what avenue I should take to get there? If it involves med-surg, then nevermind. I posted this in the wrong spot didn't I?
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  3. by   lgnurse20
    If you would like to work for a plastic surgeon first work on a surgical floor. You will see inpatient plastics which will be a plus when interviewing. Usually offices like to see a couple years experience. I almost worked for a plastic surgeon when the added him to the general surgery office. I was really excited, but I ended up moving. Good luck!!!
  4. by   suzanne4
    Fastest way, get OR experience.
  5. by   stefanitenzi
    That's what I want to do to and I was told by a plastic surgeon to work in the OR...too bad there weren't any positions in the OR in the hospitals by me for new grads...I agree med/surg = EWWWWW...sorry I would rather hand in my license than ever do that!!