Questions to Ask During Interview

  1. 0 Hello, I have an interview with a local clinic next week () and am looking for some clinic-specific questions to ask HR and the Nurse Manager. The clinic has multiple departments (urology, OB, peds, etc.) and I would be assigned to one department in particular, and would float to others as needed.
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    just recently I posted a list of some of the questions that I had prepared answers for prior to a job interview. must've worked 'cuz I got the job! got ideas for some of the questions here on allnurses and at check out:

    good luck!
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    Thank you so much notmanydaysoff! These are really helpful for interview practice.

    However, the questions I had in mind were more of the type I would ask the interviewer- questions like, "Tell me about the team makeup on an average day" and things like that. Some specialties advise asking very specific questions of the interviewer to "feel out" the job, I've thought of some but if anybody has questions they could recommend that would be great (i.e., what do you think is the most important information to gain about a clinic job prior to accepting the position? Or, what questions do you wish you had asked your interviewer prior to accepting?).

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