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Interviewing at a GYN Practice

  1. 0 Hi guys! Sorry about posting another "Interview" question, but this one is different! Everything I've seen regarding women's health has been geared towards L&D positions in a hospital setting, not a nurse in a private practice...

    Well, I am a soon-to-be new grad and I have just scheduled an interview for an RN in a GYN/Fertility Practice. I am sooooo excited because this is EXACTLY what I went to nursing school to do! I am wondering if anybody has any ideas of questions that I might be asked in this kind of setting? I just want to be as prepared as possible! Also, what kind of questions should I ask them? I know I will need to ask if there are other RNs working at the practice or if I would be the only one.

    For what it's worth, I did my Senior Practicum in L&D at a major hospital here, so I do have limited experience in the field. Thanks in advance for your replies!

    (FYI: I also posted this in the OB/Gyn Section, but thought I might get more replies from here.)
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    did you end up taking the job at the gyn/fertility practice? If so, how is it going?