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  1. 0 I'm a Clinical Supervisor at an Ambulatory office now. I'm interviewing for an Ambulatory Educator position next week. I have to present a 10 minute powerpoint inservice appropriate for an Ambulatory setting. I have some that I have already written and presented but was looking for more ideas. The ones I already have are:

    Infection Control
    Bloodborne Pathogens
    Cultural Sensitivity
    Abuse and Neglect

    They are all pretty short, like 6 slides. I can probably stretch them to 10 minutes. I was also thinking maybe a safety one or an OSHA one? Any other ideas?

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    De-escalating angry pt interactions.

    Polishing 'chief complaint' history taking/assessment techniques.

    I realize these 2 topics can be long, but I think you could KISS them down to your time block. (you know, down & dirty, Keeping It Short & Simple)
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    I would consider any "issues" that staff or patients may be experiencing and put together a presentation addressing a remedy.
    You didn't say if this was a specialty clinic, but there are often clinical issues that can be reviewed/discussed. Perhaps one of the medical staff might want to inservice on a common dx?
    Good luck. That is fun stuff!

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