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Help finding educational ideas for my nurses

  1. 0 Hi everyone. It has been forever since I have logged in.
    I need your help. I am the unit educator for a primary-care ambulatory internal medicine office.
    I am in dire need of finding educational experiences for the nurses (there are 8 of us). My Education rep. suggested that we all do a free CE together, and then individually log in to whichever website it came from to obtain credit.
    Neither my manager nor I feel that this is good enough.
    In the past, my staff has expressed interest in a couple different things and I was able to find presentors to come and give us approved credit-bearing inservices.
    This year, I am finding it terribly difficult to come up with any ideas at all.
    Any other unit educators in the same boat? Does anyone have any out of the box ideas or suggestions? Somehow I have to provide something that will give CE's to my staff before the end of the calendar year...and I am running out of time! Thanks in advance
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    I would say things like CPR certification, TB Certification, going over new standards of care, new medications, etc.