Employees made to clock out during shift

  1. 0 I work at an endoscopy center in Louisiana with two physicians. On occassion there are gaps in between doctors where there are no patients scheduled. One of the physicians insisted that the employees clock out during this time. Can he legally do this?
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    Are they required to be engaged in work activities or remain on the premesis?
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    If they are required to be on the premises, I do not see how this can legally be done. An inquiry with the local Labor Board seems to be in order.
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    Not necessarily "required" to be engaged in work activities; however, there was work that needed to be done that could have been done during this time. Only the nurses were instructed to clock out; secretary was not.
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    If the Labor Board tells them this is okey doakey, I would go elsewhere for work. Very disrespectful to take their time and not compensate them for it.
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    Oh my...
    If you're required to be there, you should certainly be paid to be there (regardless of whether or not there's work to do)...

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