Document reviews & signature in the ambulatory setting

  1. Hi!
    Like I have seen here in previous discussions, the question of weather a certain assignment delegated to an RN by a physician is kosher or not is common in this setting...
    The local board of nursing points out that it is primarily the physician's responsibility to train and supervise RN tasks he or she delegates to them. Pretty broad definition.
    Is it OK to delegate review of paperwork (labs, radiology reports...) addressed to the MD with the purpose of "triaging" it - simply contacting the patient to let them know if they need to F/U and how soon?
    How about reviewing and signing documents (using RN signature & physician V.O. phrase of course) for home health, equiptment orders (diabetic supplies, shower chairs for example), PT, ST etc... after discussing each request with the physician or using a protocol?
    I know there are protocols out there designed for the purpose of giving "permission" for nurses to use standing orders and after hour agencies often use those protocols for triaging and basic refill requests.
    Is there some sort of an association for abmbulatory nurses who can give definate answers to specific questions such as these? It is pretty tricky to find a reliable source of information and I would love to hear of one if you have had a good experience contacting and getting answers
    Thank you so much for your help!!
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