Dallas RN looking to work in a clinic/office setting. Any suggestions?

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    Hello all,

    I have one year combined experience as an intermediate care and medical telemetry nurse. I'm certain that I no longer want to work at the bedside. I'm very interested in working with patients in a county health unit, public health, physician office, ambulatory clinic, or pretty much anything outpatient. I love patient teaching and would like to give patients the educational tools necessary to maintain good health. I have applied for several RN positions in clinics and physician offices, but it seems like everyone wants a RN who already has clinic/office experience. Does anyone have a lead on an available position? Thanks in advance!
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    Sorry can't answer your question but I totally am in the same boat. It seems you can't get into any other specialty than your own these days because everyone wants experience. It's so frustrating!!
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    Thanks for responding AMCNurse! I hope you're able to find the position you want. I will continue to keep applying and interviewing until I get a lucky break. I had an interview today at a TB clinic and I have an interview in a few weeks for a School Nurse position. This experience has definitely taught me how to be patient. Good luck!