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Certified by AAAC?

  1. 0 How many of you working in ambulatory care are certified? Did you find your employer supportive of your additional achievement?
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    I now work in outpatient setting and registered to take the exam. Haven't found too many recent posts on this subject on this site. Sorry I can't be more help and this response is a year later.

    Our employer is offering reimbursement for the exam and a yearly bonus should we pass the exam.
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    I passed the certification exam. I am now RN-BC! My nurse manager and director were supportive and I can't wait for the reimbursement $ and annual bonus!
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    Hi SanDgroovy,

    Congratulations on passing the exam. What did you use as study tools? I am planning on taking the exam next month. Any guidance, suggestions, tips are appreciated.
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    We were discussing which certification we all should get in our ATU next, everyone laughed at me for bringing up the ambulatory certification. Everyone has either the CRNI, VA-BC, CGRN, or a combination.

    So no, they were not supportive lol.

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