Can you work part-time in a dr's office? Can you work part-time in a dr's office? | allnurses

Can you work part-time in a dr's office?

  1. 0 I like working 12's because I get so many more days off. I have worked the 8-4 M-F schedule in other areas and I felt like I lived at work and I esp hate it in the summers when my kids are off. Are there other schedules/hrs that dr offices will let you work?
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    In Philadelphia area, rare to have an RN or LPN in physicians office. Most have been replaced by MA's and PA's as physician extender.
    As our Pediatrican told my sons when they asked if she would hire me, "I can't afford an RN salary".
    Look at out patient clinic's/urgent care centers as have more abundent part time positions.
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    I work just outside of the Philly area, our office has 6 RNs. 3 full time, 3 part time. Part timers work 3 days a week.
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    I work part time in a dr office and I am an RN. I work 3 days/week and I love it!
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