Ambulatory Surgery Flow Management

  1. Our freestanding ASC has 10 beds, 2 ORs, and a procedure room. A new idea is being floated where each nurse working that day would be assigned, say, two bays, and whatever patients are put in there would be cared for. For instance, if there's a patient in bay 1 to be Preopped, and a patient in bay 2 who is recovering, the nurse would be responsible for both. Any ideas as to why this would or would not be optimal? My concern is that, if a patient is recovering from a painful surgery, all the focus should be on that patient, which can be time-consuming, and may take away from the patient needing to be preopped. Also, it may increase patient anxiety before surgery to see another patient's pain post-procedure, and lead them to question whether they even WANT the surgery. Any replies welcome. Thanks.
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  3. by   outptsurgeryrn
    We have 3-4 pts each rn. I left a post about outpatient staffing (please read it, you will see my situation). I am like you and not feeling safe. Management thinks we should do more/take more pts. How to juggle getting one ready for surgery, monitoring a postop pt, taking report on new postop pt and then monitoring a sedated pt getting ready to go to surgery?!?!!