Yes Grace, there really is a Santa Claus ......

  1. ............. Because there is allnurses! :an!::luvnltr:

    Several years ago I happened across a fledgling nursing website.
    'Ah, damn yankee stuff!'; murmured me to myself.
    However, being the nosey coot that I am, I decided to check "this mob" out. Afterall, us Aussies and the yanks are allies and fought in wars together. They graciously shared their cholesterol raising, fat building, heart damaging fast food giants with us. So really, we're mates, right?

    Initially I wondered if there would be a "place" for me here, since I was now retired from nursing AND from a far away land across the sea who spoke a tad differently! Reason for that is those yankees speak with an accent y'know!
    Well, it didn't take long to realise, yes, there certainly is a "place" here for me.
    There's a "place" here on allnurses for EVERYONE!

    And so began the opening of new horizions, new friendships, the getting of wisdom, the attainment of new skills learnt by reading the amazing gracious and unselfish sharing by others here.

    Not only professional knowledge shared and paid forward by those willing to contribute what they know. But also the incredible experiences, the pain of loss, the agony of grief, the happiness, joy and sheer beauty of the human condition! It's ALL here!

    No one person who ever visits or becomes a part of our huge extended family here on allnurses, can ever leave without having being educated, informed, enlightened, inspired, challenged, touched and changed in some way.

    For those of us in the older, (erhem let's call it expereinced shall we?!) age group, there exists the opportunity to pass along not only our nursing knowledge and experiences, but also our vast and varied life experiences, to the younger generation who are willing to listen and learn.

    Equally, us older people can learn from the younger folks and have ourselves opened up to new and exciting things which might otherwise pass us by.

    We all live in a diffrerent world today from the one I grew up in.
    There were no computers, no mobile phones, CRIKEY! here in Oz, we didn't even have an indoor toilet!

    Yes, the world is a very diffferent place today.
    With the events in recent times in our world, there is even more need and reason for people to come together. To share. To reach out. To unite.

    Thanks to the insight, the foresight, the unselfishness and generosity of spirit of one fine young man, Mr Brian Short RN, the world of nursing, and the world at large, has this wonderful website which affords all of us what the Australian aboriginal's call; "Kariong" a "Meeting place" .

    It's in this meeting place that I personally have found wonderful new mates, forged friendships which I believe will endure, and also continue to grow and learn because of all the shared information found here.

    I thank Brian and all the administrators, moderators, and all who contribute to help make allnurses what it is today: a true blue "Kariong!" :wink2:
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