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  1. 10 In May of this year I graduated from school, passed my boards, and began working at my dream job in an OR. Friday I circulated my first case completely solo and today I'm ACLS certified. Yes, I worked my ever-livin butt off to get to where I am, but many times I found inspiration, guidance, and theory comprehension help from people on this site. My life is excellent, I could not be more fortunate, and I think I owe a little piece of that to y'all. So thank you!! xoxo
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    Glad we are able to help you launch your career.

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    Congrats to you. Want to change your screen name now to reflect the big change??? Good luck personally & professionally!
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    What state do you work.
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    That is awesome! Congratulations on your accomplishments!
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    Congrats!!! Hard work pays off.

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