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  1. 2 I found by accident one day several years ago while researching nursing schools. Somehow, though I found what I needed, I returned to the site time and time again. OK, it's safer (and more honest!) to say that I never left. I've met some of the most amazing people here who have guided me, advised me, admonished me and suported me through my journey into nursing. Some of these people have truly become my closest friends. I've watched this site grow into the world's largest and best nursing information website. I'm proud of what Brian and the administrators have done and how they continue to provide for their members, and I'm honored and humbled to be a part of the staff today. And the members who continue to ask questions, share experiences, extend welcoming hands, cry, laugh, vent... all of them make this site what it is.

    Thanks to all of you!
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    Ditto what you said Don! This is a great place to be, with people who understand how you feel, and dont just switch off and go hmmmm yes, when you vent about your day!
    Some great people are on here, and I too am glad to have the chance to talk with them!
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