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  1. I'm an LPN studying for my RN through Excelsior. This website is amazing. Everyone sounds like great people. Look forward to browsing it when I have more time. Thanks everyone. Mary
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    Quote from merrymary
    i'm an lpn studying for my rn through excelsior. this website is amazing. everyone sounds like great people. look forward to browsing it when i have more time. thanks everyone. mary
    hello and to

    great to have you with us. enjoy the site.
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    Have a great time on the site...there are some wonderful people involved here and they love to share their ideas with others. We have just about every specialty involved and if you have any questions I am sure that someone will be able to answer you. :hatparty:
  5. by   pixiedixie nurse
    Hello glad to have you on this site I'm new to the site also.
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    Just took the big one (NCLEX) Jan 23rd and I'm official now. Good luck with RN school merrymary, always believe in yourself and if you really want your RN it doesn't matter what your teachers or anyone else believes only what you believe thru God's will you'll get it.
  7. by   pixiedixie nurse
    I used the NSNA to study for boards and it was a great tool also used Frye's 3000 nursing bullets thru school as well these are great books that often so unoticed due to popular Saunder,lippincott& Kaplan etc. My exam was so close to those questions I thought I was going to die, it was amazing and like I said I just took the test this yr in Jan.