Love the people here and the site!!!

  1. I'm a RN who is considering on going to Pharmacy school (if I get accepted), therefore I've been visiting for some advice. I've found that the people there have a "holier than thou" attitude. They are not very encouraging and are borderline on putting people down. I guess they try to be blunt, but I feel that it is possible to be blunt/kind and not be blunt/rude. Now, don't get me wrong. There are also people there who are kind in their post. It's just that I've noticed that the trend doesn't seem to be that way. I've posted here before and people have have been very kind and encouraging while being honest and blunt.

    I love this site, the moderators, and all the people here. Although I'm a nurse who is considering a change in career I still feel at home with nurses and this site!

    Thank you all for making this site possible. This is a great site for information, encouragement, and for making new friends!

    Maybe we can make a section here for other fields (for nurses considering another career) so that we don't have to go elsewhere. Just my 2 cents, but regardless this site is still my favorite!

    Thanks again!!!
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  3. by   Cute_CNA
    Welcome and good luck on your future endeavors! :wink2:
  4. by   LearningRN
    Thanks Cute CNA!
  5. by   Fun2, RN, BSN
    Good luck, LearningRN!

    Let us know how things turn out!
  6. by   LearningRN
    Thanks Fun2Care!
  7. by   Toothbrushx2
    Good luck LearningRN !!
  8. by   LearningRN
    Thanks Toothbrushx2!
  9. by   hbrittsan
    I came across the holier than though attitude in a local nursing school, I understand completely. Just know who you are is all I can say. Good Luck with pharmacology.
  10. by   LearningRN
    Thanks hbrittsan!
  11. by   fredrix
    hi im fredrix & very new 2 this site i would also like 2 send u with good luck & lots of success!
  12. by   LearningRN
    Thanks fredrix!