I Was Looking For Some Humor

  1. 0 Loving to laugh, I was surfing the web looking for some nursing jokes, when a link to Allnurses popped up. Wanting to satisfy my curiosity, I decided to click on the link. What I found was awesome. I signed up right away, and have been a member of Allnurses since that very first day of June 7, 2002.

    I have made many friends since then, and feel like Allnurses is my second family. I remember one of the first threads I started. It was about my desk calendar. It was titled "Love My Calendar." The calendar was a nursing cartoon humor one. One particular one stands out and was about a man in a bar who sat himself down next to an attractive nurse sitting on the stool next to him. He struck up a conversation with her, and said, "I'd like to have you as my nurse when I become a patient." The nurse said, "That would be rather difficult since I'm a Labor and Delivery nurse."

    I have seen a lot of growth on this website since then, and the membership with all its amenities is an wonderful extra. We had a lot of threads back then, but it's even much better now with a growth in membership of now into the hundreds of thousands.
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