I started reading comments on Allnurses before I started nursing school & even joined

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    I have to say that this website has helped me tremendously through nursing school. I am currently preparing to take nclex in a couple of weeks & have read so many comments on here that has helped ease my worry! I love allnurses. Just thought I would share
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    Good luck to you!
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    I am also glad I found this site. Well, good luck to you. Do great.
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    me too

    I suggest downloading some free apps that are great on to go. I know it can be difficult to focus and sit down for hours to study. I have instagram and I follow some nclex pages on there that post daily questions and tips
    these are my favorite :

    1. nclexhelp


    2. tootrn


    also I follow a lot of youtube pages on nclex topics like

    1. Michael linears


    2. allnursing notes


    good luck!
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    Good luck with your exam!
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    Good Luck!