I started reading comments on Allnurses before I started nursing school & even joined

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    I have to say that this website has helped me tremendously through nursing school. I am currently preparing to take nclex in a couple of weeks & have read so many comments on here that has helped ease my worry! I love allnurses. Just thought I would share
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    Good luck to you!
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    I am also glad I found this site. Well, good luck to you. Do great.
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    me too

    I suggest downloading some free apps that are great on to go. I know it can be difficult to focus and sit down for hours to study. I have instagram and I follow some nclex pages on there that post daily questions and tips
    these are my favorite :

    1. nclexhelp


    2. tootrn


    also I follow a lot of youtube pages on nclex topics like

    1. Michael linears


    2. allnursing notes


    good luck!
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    Good luck with your exam!
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    Good Luck!
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    Quote from uno9
    hi faith goodluck to your nclex exam. can i also ask you did you apply your nclex application on your own? what state did you apply? Im interested to apply in missouri but i don't know how to start im confuse but i read reviews about missouri state board. their requirement to be an rn their are the following, correct me if im wrong. missouri state need ces by cgfns, ielts and nclex? can somebody help me and give me tips on how to start my application for missouri state. thanks your reply is much appreciated.thanks
    Here is the page with information from the state board


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