I recommend this site for anyone in the nursing field

  1. I'm a student and probably one of the smartest things I ever did was stumble onto this site

    Just today I read a post by a member about how to handle delegation of authority.

    WOW! I mean, who teaches this in school?

    Plus, it's a wonderful community filled with wonderful helpful people. I'm so glad I found this website

    I emailed my class of 2006 and told them that signing up is probably the best thing they can ever do to help themselves. Not only do I get great nursing related help and guidance but also comfort and advice for other aspects of life.

    Makes going through school - indeed, life itself - that tad bit easier

    Thank You for creating and maintaining such a wonderful community :hatparty:
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  3. by   Era
    This was me when I re-discovered allnurses.com Like the stick man dancing I was so happy with it. This site is not only informative but also teaches you about stuff you don't learn in nursing school, like Roy have said:angel2:
    I got all sorts of information on subjects I have spent weeks looking for on other 'non-nursing' sites. Learning from other people's experiences from all over the world! I have recommended this site to friends and will continue to do so. :smiley_aa Thank you allnurses! :kiss
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  4. by   Darla
    I too enjoy this site though I don't have much time to visit. Going to make more of an effort though as there are so many helpful topics let alone general chit chat.