I LOVE allnurses.com!

  1. 3 I have been a member of allnurses.com since I first decided to return to school to pursue nursing last year. I have pretty much finished all my prereqs since that time and I am currently applying to accelerated BSN programs, with the hopes of starting one in the summer or fall of 2011. I have received and exchanged much invaluable information along the way here. It has been a great resource in my journey. I hope that one day as a nurse practitioner I am able to proudly claim that I am still a member of this forum and have helped thousands of others follow my path.

    Thanks for having such a great corner of the web for us!
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    PacoUSA has '3' year(s) of experience and specializes in 'Telemetry / Travel Nursing'. From 'USA'; Joined Mar '09; Posts: 3,307; Likes: 2,955.

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    Paco69, thanks for sharing your views! Glad to hear that you have found allnurses a great resource!
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