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    We lets see if I can be a eloquent as everyone else ....

    I found, god only knows how long ago, when I was recruiting nurses for a travel nurse company. At that time I was an aide, with no real aspirations for growth in the medical field though its the only profession that has ever interested me or where I felt the need to go to work everyday.

    I started reading the posts of the other wives and moms out there struggling through school to obtain a degree and began thinking about that 6th grade teacher who told me "you are only smart enough to flip burgers". I really didn't like him, or the fact I might have let him define me. So the more posts I read, the more I realized why not become a nurse and indulge my love of medicine and get paid for it.

    I also remembered how much a hospice nurse named Hazel helped me when my grandmother was dying , her caring and concern for the whole family touched me in so many ways... she taught me to tie my shoes . To become a part of the elite few who can proudly say they are nurses is an honor. encouraged me, and I made it through LPN school. was there for advise as I decided on alternate ways to finish, and become an RN. I am now directly enrolled in excelsior and have not only a world of classmates with very diverse educations, backgrounds, and opinions, I also have an endless source of knowledge from which to draw from professionally, education wise and personally.

    There are days I think my poor husband will divorce me if he has to hear me cry over losing another patient, or listen to me gripe because a doctor is doing nothing for a patient simply because she is 94. Just the other day I found information from another nurse who created a flow sheet for the behaviors and modification techniques for an alzheimers pt who had me ready to tear out my hair. I have learned how to be a nurse from my instructors, now I am learning how to be exceptional and forgiving of myself from all of you. So thank you for allowing me to become one of the elite.... A NURSE

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