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Great site, but...

  1. 0 The site has definitely grown and improved with more consistency, etc, however now that I use the board less for social connection and much more for information, I find myself yearning for a more busy Patient Education Forum. For such a large membership, it's hard to believe that more nurses do not participate and share information in that forum.

    Not that this is within AllNurses control ~ perhaps I should just start posting!
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    What an interesting thought - it would sure help me out at work when I'm online checking out allnurses if I could say I was researching patient education materials. :imbar

    I do come here and search for info - most recently on reading ekgs. I have found some great stuff from Mark Hammerschmidt (spelling?).

    The recent article regarding SIDS and co-sleeping and pacifier use made for an interesting thread - and I still teach my families about safe co-sleeping and use Dr. Sears website and safety rules.


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