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Brian-"The Best of the Best"

  1. 2 I'm SO happy that I found

    It was about 4-5 years ago that I stumbled on this site--I've been hooked ever since. Sometimes, I don't get out here as much as I'd like to, but, I know it's always there for me. Brian has listened to my rants:angryfire, raves :sasq:, praises, jokes, dumb questions, successes, failures, and vents.

    Journeling has been a creative outlet for my feelings after my husband died.:

    My husband, Doug, also loved allnurses. He started here as a student and was grateful to learn that he wasn't the only guy in the field. Let alone a middle aged guy with a 3rd career as a registered nurse. Everyone here encouraged him, supported him, cheered with us when he graduated and passed his boards, and cried with us when he died 4 months later.

    Were it not for Brian, no allnurses:bowingpur

    What an empty place it would be in cyberspace without him (and his team):Crash:

    THANKS BRIAN for everything!!

    I'm grateful!!:typing