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AN Has Taken On The Profession!

  1. 0 AN is the biggest concept to come to nursing in my 30 years of experience. I'm proud to say that its my only addiction. I don't look for touchy-feely or give touchy-feely on the website but appreciate the comfort it gives to people who are looking for that kind of experience. Nursing attracts people from all different walks of life, people with vastly different life experiences and educations. I am constantly humbled by the total sum of knowledge on this discussion board (and yes, totally annoyed by the not so bright bulbs). I am also glad that the AN Board recognized the wisdom of a site for nurses in recovery.
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    subee has '41' year(s) of experience. From 'NY'; 68 Years Old; Joined Nov '03; Posts: 1,448; Likes: 1,713.

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