Always There When I'm In Need

  1. I'm not sure how I found If I remember, I was on another board that had a lot of cliques. I wanted to go somewhere else and someone recommended this site. Since then, I keep coming back for more - to I'm a seasoned nurse (32 years), but I still find things that I really want to run by other experts. So - I came here when I was told that I had a hearing loss from what was suspected to be a tumor. (In the end it was a viral attack of the nerve, along with an undetected inner ear infection.) But I got the support I was looking for, along with much needed advice and reassurance about enduring MRIs and being a patient.

    We care for others, but who cares for us? Allnurses does, as well as all of the wonderful nurses who come here for answers, support, and to lend some care for nurses. Thank you.
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