Allnurses ROCKS ;)

  1. Ok maybe a 49 y.o. woman shouldn't use the expression, that something "ROCKS" - but what else can ya say? Great? Useful? Invaluable?

    I've been a member for some time. My personal experience with Allnurses has always been positive. When I first joined, I was in a nearly impossible work situation. I'd chosen a field that was QUITE over my head, understaffed, disorganized - not fun, in other words. I found that, by reading posts by nurses in a similar environment, it helped me to do my job better and to cope with the stress of the situation.

    Later, I found myself facing personal issues regarding my mental health. I found support, strength, acceptance, help, and hope for depression, anxiety, and other issues. Not medical advice, because the site is not here for that, but just real understanding and an ability to connect with others who were going or had gone thru the same thing. There is now a new "Nurses with Disabilities" forum, so finding that help and common ground is even easier! And there are nurses with physical disabilities who find support there as well.

    Since joining, I have been able to keep my finger on the pulse of nursing - staying up to date with my skills, new research, new ways of providing care, new nursing theory. That dumb question you would NEVER dare to verbalize while on duty with Helga Hacksaw, RN? Ask it here! No one will know, and everyone else will benefit from your asking! This is also the place to read about current events and political changes as they relate to nursing.

    I have come to know the "best of the bunch": great nurses who care about their patients who are also great people and friends. I enjoy meeting brand new nurses who are where I have been. I also dearly love meeting, ahem, more "mature" nurses, who are where I hope to be. It's just a nice place to visit.

    I've found wonderful entertainment by being a premium member and participating in the daily "Good Morning" thread - following my friends' lives, updating them on mine, laughing together, crying together, parenting together, being single together - you name it. There is also a Military Family Member's thread available to premium and platinum members that I so love and appreciate, since my son is now in the military.

    You also won't find yourself out in the "dead zone" of chatrooms and discussion groups. The administrator is a "plain old nurse" just like the rest of us, with an incredible team of moderators and staff members. Technical problems with the site? Just send a message to a staff member or mod. Or, I've seen it happen where someone will just throw out a question - and usually in a very short amount of time, someone will answer, provide guidance, or just plain commiserate.

    So - would I recommend Allnurses? Where else can you find everything nursing - and then some - and if you still need more, Allnurses will help you FIND more! :heartbeat It's pretty cool

    So yep - Allnurses ROCKS
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