Allnurses Makes A Difference in My Life

  1. 1 I found Allnurses when I was a nursing student--way back in 2003! I was a "nontraditional" student. Not just older but also doing distance learning. It left me with quite a void in my life.

    Then I found allnurses. I found friends, advice, support, information, a place to hang out, and even people to grapple with over significant issues.

    I'm not here as often as I'd like to be now, but I do get involved in the Christmas Card activity each year, and when I have an odd moment, I come to see what's going on.

    In a time when neighborhoods are isolated, people don't have time to just sit outside together and "be," this group fills the void. That it is about nursing and nurses, that we can come here and be heard and understood, that we have fast friends among the membership, that just adds to the wonder and mystery of it all.

    Nice going, Brian! Thank you!
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