AllNurses helps me GROW as a Nurse

  1. [FONT="Georgia"]I randomly found one day when surfing for a place to find answers for myself while I was in school. I tell everyone about this site because most of the time, they have not heard of "news" before me and I always tell them, "I heard it on"

    The nurses here on this site are always willing to lend a hand to everyone. They're always supportive of the new graduates, which makes a huge difference!! Suzanne's NCLEX test plan for new graduates is a very clear example of the unity and help here at allnurses. I used it and passed. With time, I hope to become the best nurse I can with the online direction of the nurses here and of course the dedication within me.

    This website gives me empowerment as a nurse and gives me the continuous motivation to stand up for what is right in the world of health care, my patients and of course, NURSING! I'm glad you're here, you're making a difference in the world of nursing!!
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