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  1. 3 You know what they say when you go to a private L.P.N school right? Well, it doesn't look good. I went to that new L.P.N school and I was so anxious about it because I put in my mind that I am a failure which wasn't good for me and I was struggeling to stay as a "B" student. When I graduated in June 2011 I felt that I was not ready to take the NCLEX P.N test so I went for a review my school was giving. after two months I still felt that I wasn't ready so I start google things to learn online while in that review class and I found Allnurses website. The information I found from other students was unbelievable, the encouragement was lifted. Allnurses was like a family for me. You did not know me but it's like you were part of my life cause I found answers for all my questions and I am so greatful for that. after 5 months, I decided to take the nclex and I passed in my first try. november 28 was my day, God has blessed me. I thank God for you all and Specially Mr. Brian for this family. I am forever greatful and bless that I'm now a part of this family. Thank you so much
    M.C LPN
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    it's people like that you make a great asset for all

    I wish you a successful future!!!
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    I completely agree. I was so down after getting rejected from every RN program I applied to, to the point that I was thinking about giving up all together but then I found this site and the people on here have been so supportive and responsive. I now have a new found sense of confidence and I cant wait to start my LPN program and work my way up because now thanks to all the loving members of this site I know its possible and giving up is no longer an option.