has been a Godsend to me :) has been a Godsend to me :) | allnurses has been a Godsend to me :)

  1. 5 has been an invaluable resource to me over the past years. When I was in LPN school, I discovered the site and was able to commiserate with those going through the same experiences as me.

    When I got my first LPN job, the other nurses here helped me to know what to expect and how to cope with the first year on the job.

    When I was completing the LPN to RN Excelsior program, the threads on preparing for the exams and CPNE were wonderful resources that helped me find excellent study materials and a fantastic CPNE workshop. These resources helped me prepare properly and made me very successful in school.

    When I graduated and passed the NCLEX-RN, the wonderful nurses here cheered me on...and others asked for advice, which I happily gave.

    I really appreciate how the people here genuinely take the time to answer questions and give advice. I have felt supported, and look forward to lending my support, and hopefully some sound advice, to others in the future.

    Thank you to everyone at I recommend you every chance I get and consider you an invaluable resource in my nursing career.
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    Thank you for this great post, leeannjamRN!!!
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    Thanks for sharing your experience! It's wonderful to hear how you took advantage of all the has to offer and you got a great deal of support! Thanks so much for helping spread the word and recommend AN to others!
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    I have really appreciated all the support and am happy to recommend AN to everyone! And I hope to lend my support to all those fresh new faces and pay it forward! Have a great day.
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    Thanks for all your kinds words.

    You sound like an awesome nurse!

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