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First of all I have to say a huge thank you to the site, because of this site I went to an information session for a nursing school that I just knew for sure I would not be accepted to but I decided... Read More

  1. by   sheina14
    Hi. I need your help. Can anyone tell ,e where I can get another copy of NCLEX PASS RESULT? The NY Board of Nursing told me that they dont have a copy of it, even NCSBN. ( I have a copy). It is required for visa screen application but CGFNS will not accept any paper that comes directly from me. I asked the NY BON that I will a copy to them and they will send to CGFNS but they won't do it. What can I do? Any suggestion please.
  2. by   edskrewina15
    I need information or process or steps on NCLEX> Can you help. I am from Delaware?
  3. by   LCFNPCM
    Hi, I am not sure if you already took your boards but I took the LPN and RN NCLEX and I studied every nursing nclex book I could and did 1500 questions per day (literally). I passed first try both exams! Good luck if you haven't or congratulations if you have taken the examination!