A Great Community =)

  1. I'm actually still in the process of enrolling in nursing school (I was accepted, though.. yaay!)... but through most of the application process-- from finishing prereqs to writing my interview thank you letters to agonizing over the wait for "THE Letter"-- allnurses.com has provided me with a great community of people who are not only experienced nurses and students who have gone through the motions (and emotions!) before... but also of fellow applicants who are going through the same roller coaster experience of beginning this great adventure.

    Sure, like every web community, it has its ups and downs... but that's what makes it interesting and human. Regardless, through this site, I've been able to find people who are already students in the program I want to enroll in this fall... and people who were also applying with me! They've provided me with advice and support... and it made the process of applying for nursing school a lot more bearable.

    I can only hope to provide the same support for my fellow allnurses.com users-- new and old, regulars and trolls.

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  3. by   Brian
    Thanks for the wonderful feedback! I love hearing success stories of members and how they enjoy allnurses.com!

    (but please no trolls )