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First, I want to thank all of our members who have voiced your opinions and shared your feedback, it is invaluable. I will closed the original feedback thread, as a ton of the feedback and comments are based on things we... Read More

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    I've noticed some features that I like. For one thing, I can tell who has visited my profile. That can help alert me to possible cyberstalkers, since apparently I have one here. I also like the fact that It's also nice to be able to retract 'Thanks' in case you accidentally click on that button instead of the quote button. Another great feature is the icons by a person's name to PM or email them.
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    Hmmm, this reminds me. Are we going to be stuck between default view or mobile view?

    I usually surf via my desktop but sometimes I use my crackberry. Before it detected my browser emulation and switched the view accordingly. I notice now though that when I us the crackberry I get the big desktop view.

    Is there a way to have it automatically switch? Is this going to be reimplemented???


    I tried the mobile view. When trying to post it throws a 'Missing Security Token' error.

    Also, the only styles showing up in the combo box are 'Thread Default Style,' 'Mobile Style' and 'Default Style.'

    Ugh Sorry...

    Is there ever going to be a use for the User Groups function? All I ever see is that there are no public usergroups available to join. Will we be able to make groups or are some going to made by the staff later?
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    LOL Stanley, you are a typical guy I'll bet you intricately know all the features of every electronic gadget you own...
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    I did get 4 'friend' offers, I don't know exactly what benefits I get from that, it think it's like trading friendship bracelets or something.
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    Quote from firestarterrn
    i did get 4 'friend' offers, i don't know exactly what benefits i get from that, it think it's like trading friendship bracelets or something.

    heh, not sure if i'm the typical guy but i definitely am the typical geek. :d

    i was wondering about the friend thing too. maybe we will get 'friends are online' notifications or be able to address pms to 'all friends' perhaps?

    not sure. i haven't seen anything.


    admin: also, when doing a 'new' post and then clicking on [more] <- by smilies it pops open a ****.allnurses.com login when the new window (window with the extra smilies) opens up. :d not sure if you guys want people attempting to log in to your beta site. (you have no idea how hard it was to resist that temptation!!! ok, i admit it, i did try my login info!!!! twice even... rofl)

    god i love finding bugs. it's so much fun. like an easter egg hunt!

    eta: maybe someone fixed it. it kept happening last night though. can't get it to do it again.
    Last edit by Atheos on Dec 23, '08
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    Yeah, it's fixed. Please report things like this, Stanley. Only way we can be aware to repair. Thanks.
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    Quote from sirI
    Yeah, it's fixed. Please report things like this, Stanley. Only way we can be aware to repair. Thanks.
    Sorry it took me so long. I ended up forgetting about it last night.
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    Thanks, Stanley!!!!
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    not liking it AT ALL. is there an option to use the old layout? if not.. please??!?!i used to spend so much time here and i know that's not going to happen anymore now.
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    Is it possible for users to change the font size of usernames? I find the gigantic usernames really distracting.

    I'm still not crazy about the new design, honestly. I really, really liked the old vbulletin format and strongly preferred it to this design.
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