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First, I want to thank all of our members who have voiced your opinions and shared your feedback, it is invaluable. I will closed the original feedback thread, as a ton of the feedback and comments are based on things we... Read More

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    Quote from Joe V
    sorry, no change (it's a compromise between those who hate scrolling and those who love having large avatars)

    the only difference is 25px in height (the width is still the same as before)

    That's it.. I'm leaving.

    Sorry, couldn't resist.

    So ... those 25 px in additional height would make such a tremendous difference in scrolling?
    You're the site designer-geek, Joe, so there's surely more to this avi stuff than meets the eye.. (pun intended)

    But one would think that such a small difference wouldn't affect one's having to scroll a whole lot more, does it? Unless it affects the way the entire page is laid out in the end.. I guess there's a sound reason though. Bummer. I know those 25 px shouldn't make all that much difference, except that most web based avis are a fixed size, and if you want to use any of those, our new avi format snips off what is often an important part of the avi pic itself.

    Guess I'll have to go with custom made avis.. what exactly is the size we have to work with?
    100px wide and 75px height?

    OK.. I guess we'll just have to live with that then. Suk it up and move on, right?
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    Quote from jnette
    OK.. I guess we'll just have to live with that then. Suk it up and move on, right?
    You are correct!!!

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    What about the photo galleries? You said they'd be back in January......... and now March is just around the corner. I see you still proudly list them as one of the benefits of Premium Membership. Are they coming back? Oh, and there is still a bug in the journals. You can post a comment on a journal without a problem but if you go back to edit the comment about 1/4 of it disappears under the sidebar on the right so you end up trying to edit blindly.
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    yes, galleries will be back
    there will be some big changes to the gallery so it's taking longer

    about the journal - I'll look into that. This is the first I heard about it.

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    I'm having some problems with the site today. It wouldn't show any signs of posting when I used the quick reply box, then did a double post. I saw that someone else did a quadruple post, so I don't think it's me. Also, the 'my account' link isn't working for me today. I usually click on that to get the drop down box to then go to the subscribed threads page. It won't work today.
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    What just happened is that when I used the quick reply box, there was no sign that the post was registering, and there was an hour glass. So I went 'advanced' and reposted and it said it was a duplicate post. Something isn't working right. Also, the 'my account' link up above won't work unless I open it in a new tab. Usually you can go to a drop down box and go straight to subscribed threads.
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    Hello, Firestarter

    Try logging out and then back in.

    And, try clearing your cache and see if that works.
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    Let's see if this works now.
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    Everything is working right again. I close all my windows and then came back.
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    Good deal, Firestarter!

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