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First, I want to thank all of our members who have voiced your opinions and shared your feedback, it is invaluable. I will closed the original feedback thread, as a ton of the feedback and comments are based on things we... Read More

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    In the other design, I would click on the smilies link, it would open up another window and I could click the smiley I wanted to appear in my post..

    I just typed up a post and clicked on the smilies link. It opened up in the SAME window. After I chose which smiley and wanted and read what 'code' I had to type, I pressed the back button to go back to my post, but it was gone. Maybe I did something wrong?

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    Something about this site hurts my eyes. I don't know if it's the colors, the fonts or a combination of both, but I can't look at the screen very long without having to close my eyes (rest them) briefly. The old site never hurt my eyes.
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    There's still too much white space for me. On long threads, once the right side links finish, there's a huge block there. It still feels like too much space between posts in a thread (with the thick headers and footers of each post), and I'm with everyone who is saying the colors are harsh to read.
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    The changes started about two weeks ago. I have been watching every day and sometimes several times a day. I have wanted to post, but thought I would wait and see what some of the changes would be.

    Some changes I can live with, others changes I do not like. Just a few of the changes I have noticed ...

    When first opening a topic, the original poster has a white background, while each reply has a light blue background. Think it would be easier on the eyes if all had the same color background.

    I am not sure, but I think, for the first poster to see his/her data/information I must click on the name, the information for anyone who replies the data/information is already viewable.

    I do not like the 1/3 right column! Clicking on a topic and reading the replies and the right column is like trying to watch television with commercials, coming attractions, weather report all at the same time. I have been reading the replies and not looking at or reading the right column. Others have commented about the white space ... As each page has ten replies, the amount of white space varies on each page. I went back to page 14 and tried to measure the white space ... I think there is forty-nine (49) vertical inches of white space.

    I would like to suggest that what is in the right column be moved to the bottom of the page. The topic would then be page wide like the previous format. Similar to watching a television show then viewing commercials; at allnurses we can read the topic and replies then view the ads, Who's Online, Nursing News, Nursing Articles, etc., click to the next page and repeat. Yes, sometimes I do read the news, articles and check the ads, but only after I having finished reading all of the replies to a topic.
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    thank you for your ongoing responses.

    our background "whiteness" has been toned down. space between posts narrowed.

    re first post user--- go to myaccount user control panel -> options click show user info.

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    This site was organized, tidy, and easy to read. Now it has become big, bubbly, with margins, ribbons counting "Thank yous" (who cares), color changes between posts, and with titles for articles and topics cut off. It's incredibly hard on the eyes and I've found myself posting and reading far less. I'm sure my opinion isn't that important as I am a free member, but if I think these changes are radically negative, I assume others do as well. Just my opinion.
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    thanks for feedback. thanks button part of previous design and appeals to some members as a way of achnowledging thoughtful post.

    additional design tweek might help you: go to myaccount user control panel -> options

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    updated: what happened to.... how do i find?

    includes info on ignore list; bottom of page list: new to site, need help + quick links; and information center
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    aha !!! I see that I am now able to remove the colorful icons at the bottom of my reply box with a "collapse" feature. MARVELOUS !

    Thank You !!!
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    Isn't the collapse icon found in right corner of reply box neat?

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