We've made a ton of changes and are continuing to do so - page 2

First, I want to thank all of our members who have voiced your opinions and shared your feedback, it is invaluable. I will closed the original feedback thread, as a ton of the feedback and... Read More

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    i'm working through it. i'm not sure how i feel about the change yet. i am sure i will grow accustom just like i did with the last change. as long as i can get to the distance learning forum things for me will be ok...i will continue to explore and report back...
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    ok found the first issue..i am sure i am not the first to mention this but the avatar size has been cut down...i would really like to see this fixed....
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    Join the chorus of people who appreciate your responsiveness to all of the critiques, complaints and kvetching.

    Finding my way around, a lot less frustration, and greater appreciation for the new features like friends and being able to leave public notes on "My Page."

    I think the fact that the old design was a klugy, patched together, no longer being supported version helps in understanding the change -- you may want to do the best you can to broadcast that far and wide, as there seems to be so many people who just say "why did you do this to us?" and "why can't I have the old version back?"

    Folks around here seem to be pretty reasonable, especially when they know the reason behind things.

    Last comment (for now) -- agree w/the issue of having the avatar cut down is awkward. Feels low priority for now, but would appreciate it being addressed eventually.
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    I like it here, esp. since it's getting decorated to our tastes.

    I also really like the responsiveness of the new server. Maybe it's because I'm the geek nurse in my facility, but I knew the slow times over the weekend were because youse guys were working on things.

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    This is going to take a lot of getting used to. I noticed some people have blank white areas for their avatars. And my avatar has the edges cut off.
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    Wow... just started looking around after I got in from work....... I see some major changes have already been made !!!
    Smaller font, smaller user name over the post, the speacialty. age location and 3 of posts is back up on the individual posts...

    I'm impressed !!!

    THANK YOU, Brian !!! I believe even the gaudy THANK YOU medallions are gone.. I think.. will have to go back and look some more..... heh. :imbar

    uh-oh..... I see those icons at the bottom of the reply box are stil staring at me... All in good time.. still hoping for a "collpse" option for those.

    And if my eyes are not deceiving me.. are there more posts per page.. due to smaller fonts now? It seems like it ! Yay !!! So now we can see a whole lot more again on one page.. w00t !!! Double w00t !! You da MAN, Brian !!!

    OK.. have much to do tonight, but I will try to look around a little more before I get busy doing my neccessary things here at home..

    THANK YOU for listening to us, and THANK YOU for all your improvements you've made already !!! :icon_hug:
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    Is there an option to decrease the font size of the forum titles? For example, I am specifically referring to the U.S. regional forums. The state forum titles when you are browsing are HUGE! I'd rather see something smaller and more compact (like before), as opposed to scrolling through a dozen times to reach my desired state forum. Just a thought...
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    I prefer the pale blue.. I'm sure everyone has their color preference... perhaps we can have some choices in the future. While I presonally like the pale blue posts, all the white next to it is hard on the eyes.. hoping we can replace the white with a softer shade which is not so glaring.. but to me that is still not a priority at this point. I'm grateful for what chnges have already been made !
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    Here's another one...this may just be me, but when you are looking at an individual thread, where are the thread options? Such as "subscribe to this thread"? or "search this thread"? Is the only way to subscribe to a thread now to post in it? If someone can tell me where to look or if they exist anymore, that would be great!
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    Quote from cinqly
    Here's another one...this may just be me, but when you are looking at an individual thread, where are the thread options? Such as "subscribe to this thread"? or "search this thread"? Is the only way to subscribe to a thread now to post in it? If someone can tell me where to look or if they exist anymore, that would be great!
    Subscribe to thread has now been changed to: Keep Me Updated - found on the first post of each thread to the right of user ID name.

    To do a forum search of common threads, click on: Search This Section - found to the right of "New Thread" icon of each forum.

    Here is a link that will help you find other new changes/replacements:
    What happened to.... How do I find?

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    Fix the search results pages so that they look like they used to look. I can deal with most other things, but the results page for say, the last 24 hrs (how I normally search the site) is confusing and doesn't look or feel the same. THIS is where/how you are going to lose most of your traffic. Make it look much closer to the way it used to look.

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    Timothy, what about it is confusing to you if you don't mind me asking. I use the Last 24 hours search as how I use the forum as well, always have and love this function. It might "look different" but it's doing the job and I am not understanding what you're saying.
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    I just wanted to say THANKS! I am so glad the font is smaller and the ads are removed from the R side. It looks so much better. Thanks for your hard work!

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