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    I see Im in the minority, but it now looks more like a Hannah Montana blurb than a professional board. Guess that might put me out on the doorstep, Hun?
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    Click under "My Accounts" and you will find "My Journal". The link at the top of the page will hopefully be back soon, but the Journals are up and running as before.

    There are some bugs, and when one bug is tweaked a new one pops up and it's frustrating. But posting and the forums are pretty much the same and hasn't changed. I hope you can find a way to continue to enjoy the forum.

    I moved your post to the feedback forum. Check the Links below "Need Help" for the Admin. Help Desk.
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    check out:
    video walkthrough of new design

    what happened to.... how do i find?

    to see new features that have replaced prior vbulletin designs.
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    Well, I am never aversed to change, I like new ideas, fresh blood as it were, but this new layout really sucks. Its just so unreadable now. I used to be able to spend hours just flicking through posts, now I just dont want to bother. Also, when typing in journals, the text just disapeers somewhere over to the right. Maybe I'll get used to it, I dont know, but have I given it chance and still hating it, sorry.
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    I hate it! I can't get the yellow away. Its just too much on the eyes. I'm always scrolling and everything is so broken up now that it doesn't seem like a discussion any longer. If you can, change it back. Why fix something thats already great? Doesn't it seem like being at work when they change something that really works well and yet management keeps touting the new system as being better when you know its not (tee hee)?
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    Quote from Tweety
    Click under "My Accounts" and you will find "My Journal". The link at the top of the page will hopefully be back soon, but the Journals are up and running as before.
    They also put a journal link under the "Quick Links" on the bottom right hand side of the page. That gets you there in one click.

    I'm still learning to adjust and I'm sure I'll be OK with the new version once all the bugs are out. I do feel sorry for Brian, Joe, and NRSKarenRN who appear to be working their butts off this close to Christmas. I hope that even the users who don't appreciate the new version can appreciate their hard work.
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    i'm sure it took a lot of work to get the changes, but please put it back the way it was. this new format is mentally draining !

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    i don't like the new format. and i miss the part at the top of the posting, by a user's name, that displayed bio info. (such as age, region, specialty). that helped with understanding many of the posts (like salaries/shortages/schools/ etc.) click on persons name, info revealed. nrskarenrn

    the new format is very hard to follow. please go back to the way it was!
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    I'm with the overwhelming majority of the others - go back to the way it was. Brian hasn't said, or replied to any of our "Why the change" questions. This is purely speculation on my part, but since my son designs web sites and games, I'm guessing it has to do with $$, the way advertisers must pay to have a space on here. Or, perhaps some larger company offered to buy this site, as happened with my son, and Brian is following their suggestions. These are purely speculative on my part, and not meant as a put down or to be taken as fact.

    I've been using this site since yesterday, I can see the tweaks made with regard to out complaints. However, the obvious silence from Brian says a lot. I want the old site back too. My color was the Burgundy color, which didn't hurt my eyes, these colors are just awful. I watched the video, and I'm not having any difficulty figuring out how to get around this site now. It just takes longer to get anywhere, it is more difficult to find what your looking for, it's hard on the eyes, the avatars don't fit the allotted space anymore and I have to actually "work" or "research" a person's background that I may wish to respond to because the information is no longer there. All of this takes the enjoyment and user friendliness away from this site.

    I feel I can speak openly, now that I can navagate, and that I've watched the video.

    I can appreciate the work envolved in this project, but I believe this site got at big as it did because it was so user friendly, this new format isn't. Sorry to all the staff, who have been tirelessly trying to put a positive spin on this new format. I don't agree, and apparently the overwhelming majority of our users feel as I do.

    Go back, I'm actually wearing sunglasses because a third of my screen is white, it's killing my eyes!!

    Blessings to all
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    why are new posts not showing up in statistics? i am trying to access posts made in the last 48 hours on this thread. is this thread not being "saved"?
    just reported this issue seen with new posts.... try using last 24hrs till fixed. nrskarenrn

    also, when i try to view certain pages i am still getting an air message that says "internet explorer page has expired...."

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