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    Quote from CuriousMe
    But I wonder how many of them will just quietly go away and never come back. Most dissatisfied customers don't complain, they just leave.

    The numbers will tell in the future....although I think they will be skewed. It take so much longer to find anything on the new site (not a speed issue, but a design one) that folks will be on the site longer, but accomplishing less <sigh>
    When I called Coca-Cola to complain about New Coke, the nice lady asked me what they could do to make me LIKE New Coke.

    My answer: "Go back to old Coke."

    "Well, I'm afraid that's not going to happen," was the reply.

    Coca-Cola tried their best to ignore their customers, but numbers don't lie, and they can only be excused for so long.

    This upgrade?

    This is New Coke.

    Look. I'm not trying to BE negative. I can see the ongoing effort to tweak this upgrade. No amount of tweaking is going to make it what it was. What it was - was a user-friendly website that was attracting members like crazy - and for good reason. Take my comments as intended: the BEST move here is to take a step backwards.

    It's not that I want to complain. It's that I want y'all to UNDERSTAND that this isn't user-friendly. I'm a critical care nurse. By experience, I know that sometimes the best way to say things is bluntly.

    Go back, or you are going to stress your business model to the breaking point. Mind your traffic and ignore all the pretty reasons why it will pick back up. It won't until you pay attention to your customer base. This isn't your garden-variety "I hate change" scenario that people will adjust and get over.

    This change is bad. It's New Coke.

    If you want to add new toys and gizmos, fine. But keep the functionality and look of what you had. What you HAD was success. The new toys should be additive to the package. These aren't. As it currently stands, the new gizmos aren't worth the trade.

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    I think I am now missing seeing things... may just take getting used to but I liked to go to one
    page and see all my information, new posts etc... I also have trouble viewing it in IE6.. for
    instance this reply, unless I press enter.. the rest of my writing disappears off to the right of the page... like now.. I can't see anything written except "the... blanks.. then anything written"..
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    I am posting again to link a screen shot .. sort of agree with others... the previous layout wonderful and functional... sorry. this is a lot more difficult to find any information and being unable to use the blue to offset the bright white doesn't help my eyes.

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    This is a weird complaint in reference to the color scheme.

    It makes me sea sick.

    Granted, I can't even sit on a waterbed or watch any sort of waves on a movie theater screen without becoming green around the gills, but I've never had this happen with a computer!

    When I saw blue font on the blue background, I almost spewed on the keyboard.

    I think it's a combo of the color scheme and the scrolling involved.

    I was upset enough to ignore all of my followed threads for about thirty six hours. 2008 has been an awful year for me, and I felt like this was the one place I could go to sometimes, ya know? Leslie said, it's still our home.

    You've still got BlueHenRN to kick around.

    where DID I put my Dramamine???
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    It is funny . . . the last big change had to do with color. From the yellow to blue. People mostly loved the blue as it was easier on the eyes. I never understood that - how a color can hurt your eyes. I liked the yellow. Then we got the option to choose blue or yellow and wasn't there another color? I just always stayed with yellow.

    Now there are complaints about the color and it is mostly blue. :smackingf

    I agree that the same folks are here - it is the same home with, as someone said, a new paint job. I'll admit to not knowing my way around yet. That can be frustrating. But then, I haven't watched the video either.

    I like y'all . . . . I'm sticking around.

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    As I've mentioned before, I am not a fan of the new design or setup but I can see that Brian and the staff have worked on ways to tweak some minor issues and I appreciate the effort. I can say that despite the layout changes I will continue to be a member of because I enjoy posting on this site and helping other users out. However, I'm not sure yet if I will renew my paid subscription I might just go back to being a free user if I still have to look at ads and stuff as a paid user. But I'm willing to be patient and give Brian and the staff some time to work on it.

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    Ok - I just went back and read this entire thread and I still find the thread I'm subscribed to in the same place . . .up there on the left of that yellow bar where it says "My Account" . .. I've always clicked on that and the user control panel comes down and I click on "Subscribed Threads" as usual and there they are.

    As to finding "allnurses central" . . . .it is the same as I've always done it . . .down on the bottom right is the "jump to" bar and you can find all the forums there.

    Most of the stuff is in the same place. Maybe because they've been tweaking it all day.

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    Just to many things I can't find. It there a link to journals? Is there a feedback forum? I used to like the feature that allowed me to click on my name and have a choice of seeing all my post or just all the threads that I started. I am struggling with this change.
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    I say if it ain't broke......Im sure it will grow on us once we get the hang of things but right now...Im not feeling the love....
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    Click on the Go Advanced icon before typing quick reply to this message, it is fully functioning. A pain to change as then you cannot scroll up to see what is posted though.

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